Comprehend the Underlying Tax Principles for Sustainable Business Practice

You might have read the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) has recently sent notices to a large energy company for additional taxes for the sum of RM2.07bil for the years of assessment 2013 and 2014. The company has since initiated an appeal process as it believes it has a valid case. For the company to decide to take the authority to High Court, it must have done the necessary research to validate its appeal from points of law.

Be it direct tax or indirect tax, the ability to comprehend underlying tax principles contribute to sustainable business practice. Businesses can mitigate its tax risk and increase tax efficiency by referring to the verdicts made by Courts in the country as well as other jurisdictions as best practices. However, this often means hours of reading and comprehending the judgements, cross-referencing, organising of information and applying it to the business.

Malaysia & Singapore Tax Cases and Malaysia GST Cases Are Your Best Case Reporters in Town.

The Malaysia & Singapore Tax Cases and Malaysia GST Cases are the two must-have case reporters that every tax department should leveraged on. Thousands of direct and indirect tax cases across many countries are summarised to enable facts are put in context while quickly drawing attention to the decided outcome with meaningful commentary. The cases are then sifted through intelligently by our renowned IntelliConnect® research platform with comprehensive indexing and cross-referencing that aid decision making.
Malaysia & Singapore Tax Cases
(includes international countries too)
Key Tax Areas Covered:
  • Assessment of Income
  • Deduction of Expenses
  • Capital Allowance, Incentives, Special Cases
  • Returns, Assessments, Appeals
  • Tax Administration
  • Real Property Gains Tax
  • Tax Avoidance

  • Contains tax cases since 1950 in Malaysia, Singapore and international countries like India and Vietnam
  • Includes full texts on tax decisions released by the Courts with regular updates
  • Covers cases at Special Commissioners, High Court and Court of Appeal levels

Malaysia GST Cases
  • Contains more than 800 cases in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom where Malaysian Government has referred to when forming its own GST regulations recently.
  • Includes full texts of written judgments

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